My name is Thomas Haddad, and I am a visual maker whose main reference is the urban environment.
Going from graphic design to art direction, always having in mind the expression through aesthetic.
Brooklyn, NY


  1. YOUTH is a cd project that involves packaging design, and a poster illustration (this is an inspirational project

  2. my own fashion brand named Non*future. Developed to be an outspoken t-shirt brand based in youth urban life. Here you can see some print design and the first collection themed “Livin` in a circle

  3. CAVALO is a gay content zine that shows a particular view from different people around the world, whom use the photography as a hobby. The first edition is the “everyday issue”, photographed by Juan Pablo Garcia, from Mexico

  4. print illustration, having as a reference the comics expression lines

  5. art direction for fashion projects

  6. poster design, identity and type development (all inspirational projects)